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#1 2004

Aristova N.I. Automation in Industry – 2003

Adylov F.T., Podjapolsky S.V., Turapina N.N., Yusupbekov N.R. The experience of applying new information technologies in life-cycle support of industrial process control systems in Uzbekistan

The paper describes the methodology of investment projects implementation for process control systems in Uzbekistan using new information technologies.

Bakalets D.V., Kharazov V.G., Ovechko N.A., Kharlamova N.A. Automation of waste treatment processes at electroplating plants

The paper justifies the topicality of developing an automated waste water treatment complex for an electroplating plant. It describes the components and operation principle of the complex and considers the architecture and functions of its control system.

Avkhadeev V.V., Veryovkin A.P., Zainetdinov F.F., Matalinov V.I. Informational decomplosition and modeling of multi-stage processes with reversible reactions based on generalized parameters (with the example of dichloropropanol synthesis)

The mechanisms and technological features of multi-stage chemical processes with reversible reactions are considered. The paper offers the principle of informational decomposition and the methodology of developing process models with high degree of interstage interference of internal variables based on generalized parameters. The ideas are exemplified by dichloropropanols solution synthesis.

Musaev A.A. Analytical control algorithms for production processes

The paper considers basic algorithms of analytical information technologies (AIT) that underlie the new – analytical – type of automated industrial process control and enterprise management. The key distinctive feature of analytical control is the combination of operative control decisions developed by decision-makers on the basis of current status monitoring with the results of profound quantitative analysis of historical data made by means of data mining techniques. Conceptual framework of analytical control is formulated that allows selecting AIT as an individual IT subclass.

Bodrov V.V., Baturin A.A., Dosin A.A. The experience of modernizing and automating a forging system at BUMMASH Open JSC

The paper describes the implementation of a project on modernizing a 2000 ton-force forging complex at BUMMASH Open JSC. It describes the control system structure and considers the destination and features of automation elements.

Dubovik A.E. A numerical method for computing dispatching for industrial automation systems

A new numerical method for computing dispatching with priorities intended for distributed process control systems is discussed.

Dmitriev Yu.F., Nikonenko V.A. Sensors and instruments from Omsk Etalon Plant for power industry and energy conservation

The paper presents the instrumentation for power industry and energy conservation systems manufactured by Omsk Etalon Plant State Enterprise. Instruments’ performance attributes and features are described.

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Discussing a subject…
Branding in industrial automation market

Branding philosophy

Yegorov E.V. The legend of dinosaurs

Borisoglebsky S.V. Brand is the head of everything

Dul’neva V.V., Kukhtin S.G. Brands in industrial automation: miths and reality

Novokhatsky D.A. Brand as a marketing tool

Adylov F.T. The problem of brand building in industrial automation

Freidman A.V. On the QNX brand

Nagovitsin S.P. Brand – Nanko

Intelligent solutions for industrial automation

The causes of the recent intelligent instrumentation market growth are explained. Some examples of intelligent solutions in the field of industrial automation systems are cited.

Keep childish interest to life…

An interview with Mr. E.V.Yegorov – the winner of 2003 Readers’ Sympathy Award

Aristova N.I. Advanced automation technologies

The paper summarizes the 2003 Advanced Automation Technologies Exhibition (PTA-2003). It briefly overviews the expositions of the companies whose products and services have not been earlier described in the Journal and focuses on the novelties presented to the 2003 Forum. An interview with PTA-2003 Director Mr. K.A.Morozov is also offered to the readers.

QNX-Russia – 2003

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