Современные учёные не требуют чудес: они требуют экспериментов.

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Discussing a Subject… 2007-2008 years


No 1 Information display tools and systems

No 2 Automation in food industry

No 3 Embedded computer system  standards

No 5. Industrial ecology for competitive production

No 5. Numerical control systems

No 6. Smart drive technologies

No 7. Computer simulation at industrial training simulators service

No 8. Power monitoring, accounting and distribution systems

No 9. Vertical integration in industrial automation

No 10. Integration of automation systems in intelligent building

No 11. Modern measuring methods for physical quantities

No 12. Industrial assembly tools



No 1 Electronics and control systems for transport

No 2 Undesirable phenomena in supply circuits of automation systems and protection methods

No 3 Single board computer market trends

No 4 SCADA do not stay still

No 5 Housings: the world of designs

No 6 Advanced regulatory control techniques in industrial control systems

No 7 Simulation and modeling techniques in engineering tasks

No 8 High-reliability and high-safety automation systems

No 9 Production management systems: fashion or need?

No 10 Supervisory control of buildings: old problems – new solutions

No 11 State-of-the-art methods for physical quantities measurement

No 12 Ethernet-based industrial solutions

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