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#6 2015


Itskovich E.L.  Organizational problems of automation in process industries

The paper discusses organizational and administrative features of Russian plants in process industries, which may restrict the efficiency of automation systems.

Keywords: process controls, MES, organizational problems of industrial automation, administrative support of automation systems.

In Focus

Automation of oil and gas industry

System reliability to withstand a polar blizzard. The experience of Columbia Pipeline Group

The prerequisites for improving gas consumption in USA are formulated. The challenges faced by a major pipeline company during seasonal loads are outlined. The paper describes a solution based on OSIsoft's platform enabling predictive problem elimination and discusses its hard and soft benefits.

Keywords: peak loads, equipment failure, predictive diagnostics, efficiency.

Tulyaganov Sh.D.  Modernization of natural gas processing facilities

The reasons justifying the modernization of Mubarek gas processing plant's automation systems are discussed. The structure of the plant-wide supervisory control system is described.

Keywords: process control, SCADA, supervisory control, resource saving gas metering.

Shcherbina S.V.  A geoinformation system for managing in oil and gas industry

GIS applications for managing in oil and gas industry are discussed. The case studies include Genplan GIS for Saratov Oil Refinery, Rosneft-Yuganskneftegas GIS integrated with other corporate systems, and a GIS used for design and management of pipeline infrastructure.

Keywords: geoinformation system, geographic database, mobile applications, cloud architectures.

Xue Jun Zhang, Hanmer G., Sidorenko A.V.  A state-of-the-art software suite for pipeline hydraulics modeling

The paper overviews the functionality of Atmos SIM, a state-of-the-art software suite for pipeline hydraulics modeling including hydraulic calculations, composition and quality tracking and predictive simulation. The capabilities of pressure pulsation analysis module are described. The possibility of using Atmos SIM Trainer module as a training simulator for process operators is discussed.

Keywords: pipeline hydraulics modeling, predictive simulation, training system, pressure pulsation analysis.

Khachaturov S.L., Zenov A.Yu.  Application of operator training systems for emergency behavior skill training

The paper outlines the objectives, structure and functionality of an operator training system for chemical and oil refining industries.

Keywords: operator training system, emergency action plan, video.

Shibkov A.V.  A new load cell from EmSyst

The paper presents the new EMS122 load cell focused on well automation applications with deep-well sucker-rod pumps. The transducer's key characteristics and design solutions are described, metrological performance data are included.

Keywords: load cell, deep-well sucker-rod pumps, voltage stabilizer, accelerometer.

Density and concentration measurements using mass flow meters

Present-day Coriolis mass flow meters can measure not only the flow rate but other process parameters as well. The paper presents the examples of OPTIMASS flowmeter application for process density and concentration measurements.

Keywords: Coriolis mass flow meter, measuring system, mass flow, density, concentration.

Vakhov D.N.  Automated fire extinguishing and emergency systems

The requirements to automated fire extinguishing and emergency systems (FEES) are formulated. A functional principle of SPAST FEES implemented on the basis of B&R's hard-/software solutions is described.

Keywords: automated fire extinguishing system, emergency protection, reliability, backup.

Saitgaliev I.I., Saitgalieva G.I.  Justification of equipment selection in safety system design

The paper examines the design of automation equipment for industrial safety systems, in particular for emergency shutdown (ESD) systems. It offers a methodology of hardware selection for process equipment protection loop. The methodology enables hardware selection with reference to scientific and engineering documentation requirements to plant and instrumentation reliability and application benefits.

Keywords: safety system, dangerous industrial plant, automation hardware.

PACSystems - based solutions - What you really need

The paper presents the families of PACSystems new-generation embedded devices from GE Intelligent Platforms: a controller, panel and industrial computers, remote I/O modules.

Keywords: embedded devices, controller, panel and industrial computers, remote I/O modules.

Medvedev A.V.  The smallest slave node of MODBUS TCP

The functionality of a tiny nonprogrammable controller of MODBUS TCP NIM745-02 network's slave node is described. Its application for integrating FASTWEL I/O modules in data acquisition and control systems are discussed.

Keywords: small-size nonprogrammable controller for network's slave node, I/O modules.

Ozhighin D.A., Os'myakov A.  nanoCAD Plus 7: year-long evolution of a CAD platform

An update of domestic nanoCAD Plus 6.0 from Nanosoft was released in spring 2015. System's novel functionalities in general drafting, graphical and integration categories are presented. Future development is outlined.

Keywords: CAD, 3D space, document preparation, integration, point clouds.

Automated control system for underground rail transport of an arctic mine

The paper outlines development history, objectives, and architecture of an automated control system for underground rail transport of Oktyabrsky mine. System advantages are discussed.

Keywords: automated control system for underground rail transport, scalability, client/server architecture.

Baibulatov A.A.  Automation of change management in A-plant control system databases at the operation phase

The paper offers a solution enabling change management automation for A-plant control system databases during their operation. The solution includes database design procedure. Hard-/software structure is examined.

Keywords: database, upper block level system, A-plant, data preparation system.

Nyrkov A.P., Zhilenkov A.A., Cherniy S.G.  Estimation of reliability and efficiency of distributed drill unit systems

The estimates of reliability and efficiency of power supply and automation systems for a stand-alone drill unit are presented. The estimates are obtained based on full-scale test data and the analysis of standard control systems used at drill units.

Keywords: reliability. drill units, energy efficiency, automatic control.

Kavalerov B.V., Ryazanov A.N.  Computer-based simulation subsystem for versatile testing of 40 MW gas-turbine units

The testing of gas-turbine units and their control systems is discussed. Today, such units are often based on refurbished commercial air-engines. The paper offers to supplement the traditional testing system with a simulation subsystem allowing for terrestrial load characteristics.

Keywords: test automation, computer-based simulation, gas-turbine unit, synchronous generator, power generation system.

Tyutikov V.V., Krasilnikyants E.V., Varkov A.A.  Robot manipulator control system with dynamic moment compensation

The paper offers the variants of manipulator control system design with PID and polynomial controllers. A manipulator dynamics model is used for compensating the moments affecting its sections during the motion.

Keywords: control system, manipulation robot, PID controller, polynomial controller, moment compensation.

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