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#8 2013


Fairuzov D.Kh., Bel’kov Yu.N., Kneller D.V., Torgashov A.Yu.  Automated control system for a crude/vacuum distillation unit: design, implementation, maintenance

A case study of APC implementation and application at Plant 4 crude/vacuum distillation unit of Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat JSC (Russia) is offered. The system is based on Honeywell’s Profit® Controller. Plant 4 is described as the control object, project phases are outlined, system support and maintenance issues are discussed; the keys to project success are listed.

Keywords: advanced process control (APC), crude/vacuum distillation unit, soft sensors (inferential calculations), multivariable system. model-based predictive control (MPC).

Tailor J.  Production optimization on the basis of advanced process control

Key capabilities and application advantages of advanced process control solutions offered by AspenTech are discussed. Case studies are included.

Keywords: advanced process control systems, advanced controller, soft sensor, adaptive control, production optimization.

Discussing a Topic…

MES evolution in the recent decade


Itskovich E.L.  Key design concepts of MES for process plants

The paper discusses design concepts of MES for process plants: components, task requirements, engineering and implementation planning strategies.

Keywords: MES design concept, MES planning strategy, requirements to MES components, MES efficiency prediction.

Demidov V.M.  MES evolution

The paper overviews key MES evolution trends in the recent decade: functionality changes, concept review, and viewpoint change.

Keywords: MES, production management, integration, concept.

Kudinov A.V., Markov N.G., Ostrast’ P.M.  On MES application efficiency in process industries

Basic approaches to MES efficiency evaluation at various production types are described.

Keywords: MES, implementation efficiency, process industry.

Goroshkov V.Yu.  Development lines of automation at a modern plant

Even greenfield plants are hardly able to automate all their business processes at once. Along with considerable investments, this is hampered by the difficulties of benefit estimation in aggregate. The paper shows that a phased approach to automation is the most justified one.

Keywords: energy-saving system, MES, industrial information system architecture, KPI.

Tereschenko A.G., Tereschenko V.A., Yunak A.L., Yanin A.M.  Evolution of Analytical Chemist LIMS in modern industrial environment

The evolution history of Russian LIMS, market is overviewed. Key design concepts and solutions of the domestic Analytical Chemist LIMS are discussed within the context of its making and self-determination in MES structure.

Keywords: LIMS, analytical service, MES, metrology, implementation, laboratory control.

Ryzhikov A.O., Firsov A.S., Khobotov E.N.  Planning and design of work schedules at casting yards

The specificity of casting yard planning and scheduling is discussed. Design concepts of work schedules for such facilities are examined. Operation principles of scheduling algorithms are described.

Keywords: models, planning, control, scheduling theory, optimization, assembling, machining process.

Kats B.A.  Interaction of maintenance information system with other plant automation systems

Maintenance information systems are extensively used at Russian enterprises. However, the opportunities of maintenance system interfacing with other information systems are often unknown and may therefore cause anxiety. The paper discusses possible ways of maintenance systems integration with other corporate systems and the associated opportunities.

Keywords: maintenance information systems, integration, information environment.

Ishmetiev E.N., Romanenko A.V., Volschukov Yu.N., Markov P.E.  Integration as a catalyst for MES development

The paper shows the advantages and justifies the need in process control, MES and ERP integration. With several case studies it discusses the technical and organizational approaches to design and development of integrated MES.

Keywords: automation system, integration, enterprise management, MES, process control system, ERP, production process, manufacturing process, automation system design, information systems.

Syuch E.O.  Supervisory control system as a tool for effective production control

Key functionalities of I-DCS software suite developed by InduSoft for supervisory monitoring and control are presented.

Keywords: production management, automation of supervisory monitoring and control, process monitoring.

Taghirov D.N.  Wireless HART – the only wireless communication protocol meeting process automation market.

The paper compares WirelessHART and ISA100.11a, the 2 leading wireless standards for industrial automation. It argues that WirelessHART matches industrial automation needs in the best way and has a good outlook for development and dissemination.

Keywords: wireless communication, cellular architecture, star topology, self-organizing networks, energy consumption, reliability, safety.

Pinaev A.L.  Advanced Pro-face solutions for HMI

The paper presents an approach offered by Pro-face (Japan) to HMI organization at process control level on the basis of operator panels and proprietary software. It describes the advantages and capabilities of Pro-face software intended for HMI design and implementation.

Keywords: operator panels, HMI, PLC, process, real time.

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Be up-to-date! To the 85th anniversary of E.L. Itskovich

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Market makes vendors use state-of-the-art information technologies and control tools. An interview with Leonid Sorkin, Honeywell VP.

Industrial automation companies

Kovalev A.N.  If everything is to be done yesterday…

The paper discusses the advantages of customers’ cooperation with RTSoft’s design center for embedded computer technologies rendering services for developers of target-oriented hardware platforms and software for embedded applications.

Keywords: design center, new hardware platform and software development, embedded applications, form-factor, computer-on-module, investments.

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