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Paper reviewing

Automation in Industry Journal:
Paper submitting, reviewing and publishing order

1. Scientific papers prepared for the consideration of Automation in Industry's editors and editorial board should be emailed to info@avtprom.ru. Texts, illustrations, formulae and authors' data should be drawn up according to editors' requirements stated on To Authors page of the Journal's web site (http://avtprom.ru/node/47).

2. The editors confirm the receipt of the paper by email.

3. Each contribution is considered by the editors. If the minimum requirements (subject matter, scientific level, scientific results and layout) are not met, a motivated refusal is sent to the author(s). Otherwise, the paper is being reviewed. A reviewer is selected per the recommendation of an Editorial Board's member competent in the related knowledge domain. The contribution may be sent to two reviewers, if necessary, e.g., when the topic refers to several branches of science. All reviewers are acknowledged experts on the subject of the reviewed materials and have in the past 3 years publications on the subject of peer-reviewed articles.

4. If a review contains censorious remarks, those are sent to the author with recommendations to revise the contribution and respond appropriately. In case of a negative review the author would be provided with a motivated refusal with the review attached.

5. If a review is positive and does not contain any remarks, the paper is passed to a member of the Editorial Board who makes a decision about the possibility of its publication. The author is sent a copy of the review.  After that, it is handed over to scientific editors for processing.

6. The revised paper is sent to the reviewer for the next reviewing; refer to items 3 and 4 above.

7. 7. Reviews are kept in publishing and in the magazine for 5 years. The editorial Board is obliged to send copies of reviews to the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation for admission to the editors of the relevant request

8. After reviewing and scientific editing the paper is sent to the author(s) by email for approval. All necessary changes and additions are then made.

9. The paper, which has passed reviewing and editing, goes to the Journal's portfolio and is queued for publication.

10. The paper makeup is sent to the author(s) in electronic form.

11. The authors get one hard copy of the Journal containing their paper. No payment is collected for publications.

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