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Журнал «Автоматизация в промышленности»


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Topics of the journal (sections of the journal)

Industrial automated systems - issues related to the choice of architecture, hardware and software, features of operation and modernization of systems. Efficiency, reliability, survival rate, portability, openness of industrial automated systems. Analysis of development trends.

Digital technologies for industrial enterprises - issues related to the use of digital technologies (industrial Internet of things, digital twins, blockchain, etc.) to solve the problems of industrial enterprises.

Business process automation systems - descriptions of business processes, management methods and technologies (CASE, ERP, network, etc.), standards. industrial marketing. Electronic business systems.

Algorithmic and software - real-time operating systems, SCADA systems, technological programming languages, new modern algorithms and diagnostic and control software packages. Presentation of domestic and foreign software products, their description, implementation results, analysis methods, recommendations for selection.

Information security in industry - issues of organizing information and cyber security of industrial enterprises. Methods, products and systems, standards, regulations, experience of enterprises, etc.

Computer-aided design systems - a description of the possibilities of software solutions in the field of computer-aided design, methods, technologies.

Application of automation tools - presentation and description of the results of the implementation of automated control systems, process control systems, automated control systems, ASKUE, dispatch control systems and other automation systems.

Technical means of automation - description, features and recommendations for the use of technical means (smart and virtual devices, actuators, networks, GSM communication devices, non-destructive testing equipment) distributed in the markets of Russia and the CIS and necessary for the development and creation of modern control systems and other objects of automation.

"Discussing the topic ..." Each issue discusses topical topics on the problems of creating and using integrated automated control systems, MES-systems, automated control systems, ASKUE, distributed control systems, product quality management system, industrial simulators, the use of modern methods and algorithms for control and simulation, communications, GSM communications, PC-compatible controllers, smart buildings, human-machine interface, embedded systems, Web technologies, numerical control, virtual instruments, etc.

Training of specialists in industrial automation - the situation on the labor market is considered, the causes of the personnel crisis are determined, the pros and cons of modern education are evaluated; ways are outlined for a possible way out of the alarming situation that has arisen in the field of training specialists in the automation of production.

Automation abroad - the development, selection, implementation and use of hardware and software complex, SCADA systems, multifunctional industrial controllers and other automation tools, information about which enjoys increased attention in foreign information resources.

Journal club - discussion of historical dates significant for industrial automation, presentation of scientists and prominent figures, answers to questions from specialists, new technical literature, other non-format publications.

Events - operational information about the domestic and foreign markets of systems and devices, description of seminars, exhibitions, conferences on automation. Training courses. Calendar of forthcoming events.

Industrial automation firms – a representation of companies operating in the Russian industrial automation market.

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