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Discussing a Subject… 2003-2004 years


No 1 Branding in industrial automation market

No 2 Application of Web technologies in automation. Tribute to fashion or necessity?

No 3 Embedded computer systems: technologies of success

No 4 Control systems for power engineering

No 5 Numerical control systems today

No 6 Control systems for hydrocarbon industry

No 7 Process modeling and simulation in modern automation systems

No 8 Communication solutions in industrial automation systems

No 9 Modern process visualization tools

No 10 Virtual instruments for industrial automation

No 11 Automated energy monitoring and accounting

No 12 The thorns of system integration



No 1 GSM facilities in automated systems

No 2 The development of energy conservation systems and equipment

No 3 Control systems in metallurgy

No 4 Application of PC-compatible controllers: pro et contra

No 5 Intelligent buildings: instruments and systems

No 6 Control systems in metallurgy industry

No 7 Dynamic training simulators for industry

No 8 Product quality control systems

No 9 Approaches to plant floor and enterprise level systems integration

No 10 Integrated enterprise management systems

No 11 Field buses: what, where, when

No 12 Advance control technologies

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