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#2 2011

TIA Portal: Welcome to the next level!

The new software product from Siemens named Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal) is presented. Its features, advantages and functionalities are demonstrated. 
Keywords: controllers programming, HMI, libraries, integration.

Kizhaev S.A.  Intelligent soft sensor for automated control systems. An extrusion process case study

The possibility of polymer melt temperature measurement in extrusion processes without any direct measurements is examined. The melt temperature is inferred from process data, its dynamics is plotted. The inferential calculation is implemented based on a stand-alone controller. 
Keywords: temperature, polymer melt, extrusion, melt temperature meters, inferential calculation of temperature, mathematical process description.

Mukhutdinov A.R., Leontiev V.E.  Processing the investigation results of solid fuel firing in liquid medium

The paper presents a computer-based burning process investigating technique with the help of modern hard- and software. Distinctive features of solid fuel firing in liquid medium under different pressures were identified. 
Keywords: computerized processing, burning, solid fuel, liquid medium, indirect measurements.

Zaitsev M.V.  A small controller for big tasks or programming and PLC program development

The paper continues the series discussing the programming features of Phoenix Contact controllers in PC WORX universal environment. The third paper discusses the development of visualization environment based on WebVisit software which employs Web pages for communicating with Phoenix Contact controllers. Performance data of InLine 100, 200, 300, and 400 Series controllers are adduced. 
Keywords: programming environment, controller, Web pages, visualization.

Yakovis L.M.  On fashion, reasonableness, and industrial automation

The paper cites some examples of "fashionable" industrial automation segments. It notes that everything new is often well-forgotten old, also in automation. 
Keywords: process, fashion, reasonableness, control theory, modeling, production management.

Round table: fashion in automation

Reshetnikov I.S.  Bold solutions - fashionable!

The concept of "fashion" is determined; the features of fashion in clothes and automation are compared. The paper contends that the implementation of modern management models may be successful only at the enterprises whose owners are actually interested in long-term and sustainable business development. 
Keywords: fashion, style, business processes, information technologies.

Dozortsev V.M.  Notes on fashion and human individual in industrial automation

The paper examines how the everchanging role of individual in human-machine systems is exemplified in the evolution of key industrial automation areas. 
Keywords: human-machine systems, machine-centric and anthropocentric approaches, automation.

Discussing a Subject… 
Hard-/software systems: application experience

Raskin E.M., Denisova L.A.  A hard-/software system for pressure control in main steam drum of A-plant`s power unit

Hard- /software system for pressure control in main steam drum of A-plant`s power unit is presented. The system is based on local controllers. The results of dynamic tests and system settings optimization are included 
Keywords: fast reduction unit, hard-/software system, pulse control system, computer-aided design.

Usynin S.N.  Decomposition of process control software into micromodules: from theory to practice

The paper presents the concept of micromodular design of the software for process data monitoring and acquisition, process variables visualization, and real-time process control. Based on the approach proposed, eXvision unified software suite was developed and applied in several workshops of Urals Electrochemical Works JSC (Russia). 
Keywords: micromodules, real-time, basic and ancillary modules, process schematics, SCADA, HMI.

Yunusov A.R.  Process automation and remote control deployment based on Internet programming: the experience of implementation in Gas-Service JSC

Is SCADA a versatile solution for process control projects? Gas-Service JSC (Bashkortostan Republic, Russia) has been operating teleautomatics systems for remote monitoring and control of gas equipment where SCADA functionalities are implemented using Internet programming. The number of access points to systems is unlimited; and there is no need to buy expensive SCADA licenses and pay fees for each operator`s/supervisor`s worksrtation. 
Keywords: SCADA, Internet, process controls, remote control system, data security, server.

Khrenov K.E., Potemin A.A., Bogomolov M.V., Pronin A.A., Zarudin V.M., Sapozhnikov S.I.  Automation of waste liquid leak monitoring at pressure sewer pipe breakings

The paper presents an algorithm for detecting the pressure pipeline breakings based on simultaneous flow monitoring at 2 or more operating pipelines with the analysis of flowrate change difference on the damaged (flow increase) and undamaged (flow decrease) pipelines. The algorithm is implemented at Lyublino sewer pumping station (Moscow, Russia). 
Keywords: sewer pumping station, pressure pipeline, breaking, flowrate.

Myakishev D.V., Tarkhov Yu.A., Stolyarov K.A., Uchaikin N.N., Yuzhakov A.P., Matafonov V.P., Ryabkin V.M.  Regulatory control equipment for turbine valves based on PASSAT system

A recent project implemented by COMPLEXES and SYSTEMS enterprise is described. The equipment for regulatory control of turbine valves was developed in tight cooperation with Beloyarsk A-plant specialists and is now operated at the power unit # 3 of that plant. 
Keywords: regulatory control, electronic module, mezzanine, single board computer, composable article.

Veltins brewery and B&R stir up the beer market

Veltins C.&A. brewery together with B&R Automation have developed a standard solution for the brewing industry on the basis of APROL production control system. Veltnis became the first brewery which has successfully implemented B&R`s solution without process disruption. 
Keywords: control cabinet, controller, brewery, I/O system.

Full-scale process control system for the Heat Power Plant # 2 (Bobruysk, Belorussia)

The paper briefly presents the structure and functionality of a process control system for BKZ-210-140 # 1 boiler unit of the Heat Power Plant # 2 (Bobruysk, Belorussia). The system is based on Wonderware software. 
Keywords: boiler unit, controllers, workstation, process control, information portal.

Degtyarev D.P., Presnyakov A.I.  Supervisory control center for Kazan subway

The functionality and structure of the supervisory control center for subway trains in Kazan (Tatarstan Republic, Russia) are presented. Design, development, testing, and maintenance stages are described in detail. 
Keywords: supervisory control center, traffic, subway, redundancy, development test.

Reshetnikov I.S., Kosnyrev P.N.  Transaction data block implementation in a relational database for describing production equipment

A method for organizing physical data structure in a relational database according to ISA-95 recommendations and UML language metamodel is discussed. The model proposed is functionally-oriented primarily at describing the structure of complex process equipment. 
Keywords: ISA-95, metamodel, class, attribute, object, relation.


Kharazov V.G.  Automation 2010 International Specialized Exhibition

The paper overviews the displays of Automation 2010 exhibition which took place in St. Petersburg in November 2010. 
Keywords: controllers, transmitters, recorders, loggers, sensors, regulating devices.

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